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Massage for males and females of all ages (including kiddos).

Massage promotes relaxation, stress & tension relief, while improving circulation and healthy lymphatic flow. It optimizes healing with treatment specific work and general wellness care.

“My baby has had 3 sessions with Cori Dixon within the last 3 weeks. We went in to address latching issues as well as sleeping issues. After our first session, my baby began sleeping on her back and in different positions she wasn't able to before, she had only been able to sleep on her tummy being held by mommy/daddy. After the second session, my baby began sleeping for longer periods at a time, I actually was able to sleep for 4 consecutive hours thank goodness! After the third session my baby finally started looking both ways, whereas before she would only look towards the left. We are so grateful for her gentle approach, for her clear communication about her work, and for the fantastic results! We plan to continue to see Cori. I forgot to add that my latch issues are completely better too. Cori had found my baby's jaw to be very tight, but as soon as she worked on it, latching became a cinch!"

Sacral Release

Release a "stuck" sacrum with a gentle technique - keep the hips and low back moving freely. Use during pregnancy in preparation for labor, or during labor for promoting open hips and pelvis.

Massage in Labor

Comfort of touch, relief of tension, keeping the laboring mother in a more relaxed state for a smoother birth process. Includes a sacral release (if desired).

Kangaroo Massage™

Kangaroo Massage™ takes the widely researched concept of Kangaroo care and couples it with massage. Cranial sacral therapy can be performed while baby lays atop of mom, dad or care giver while they, too, enjoy therapeutic massage. This therapy is perfect for all babies and parents, and is especially recommended for pre-term/NICU babies, multiples, those with feeding issues/colic; adoptive parents and non-biological parent; and as part of postpartum “baby blues” therapy.

"[Kangaroo Massage] was so great. It really made me feel connected to my baby."