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When it comes to bodywork, the abdomen is often overlooked. In fact, we are the only country that doesn't regularly incorporate abdominal work into our body care practice. This is a sacred place on the body, responsible for so many of our body's functions, harboring vital organs, and it readily responds to healing touch.

Digestive and reproductive issues are two aspects this therapy can help alleviate, promote healing and function more healthfully. It can also release adhesions in the soft tissue and remove blocks in the abdominal cavity to aid in the alignments of the internal organs to their natural and optimal functioning position.

During a session you'll experience a gentle abdominal treatment and learn a self-care routine to try at home! You'll find that abdominal work can be deeply relaxing, leave you feeling empowered, more in-tune, and fully connected with your body.

Abdominal Massage Therapy is great for Women, Men and Children - and treatments can be personalized and adjusted accordingly for any contraindications.

This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any disease. Always consult with your medical provider.